Nostradamus and 2012

By 2012

Recently it has been discovered and now analyzed the last book of Nostradamus. It contains several tables illustrated with enigmatic drawings that according to experts point to the date 2012.

His drawings cover alignment of our solar system with the center of the galaxy that takes place every (about) 13,000 years. Last time was 11, 000 years before Christ, date in which the last glaciation ended inexplicably and when Plato estimates the disappearance of Atlantis …

There are many other coincidences: erosion by water of the Sphinx and the pyramids alignment, the alignments of Angkor Wat, all can be dated 11, 000 years before Christ.

Now we get this additional confirmation. This is confirmed by science which witnesses sudden extinctions, by ancient peoples like Maya and Egyptians, ancient legacy of a perhaps unknown and lost civilization…

These are only theories or they will become reality?
We’ll continue our work in searching of a truth that can help us understanding.